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The Path from Worry to Confident Trust

The Path from Worry to Confident Trust

At some point, you’ve likely had someone tell you not to worry. If only it were that’s simple… The truth is there will always be something to worry about. Often, the things we worry about are valid (sickness, financial woes, etc.). However, when we allow worry to take over our minds and hearts, we suffer […]

The Path from Pain to Thanksgiving

Thankfulness is extremely hard when you are suffering. It almost feels cruel to say, “Thank you,” when you are grieving. It may seem callous or naïve. But sometimes people remind us to be thankful at moments when it feels the most impossible. I don’t believe most people say this to hurt us. I don’t think […]

The Path from Selfishness to Selflessness defines selfishness as “devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one’s own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others.” No one wants to be considered selfish. But the problem is the majority of people are selfish. Even those of us who call ourselves Christians. And … selfishness is very difficult to […]

Spiritual Disciplines List

This Spiritual Disciplines List features some main disciplines for life in Christ with concise definitions for each. We call these “spiritual disciplines,” but the activities are physical, not spiritual. They are bodily activities that can engage and effect our whole person (Romans 12:1-2). So a more accurate term for the exercises in this list is “disciplines for […]

Manipulation Untangled

At some point, you’ve been manipulated by someone, or worse, you’ve likely been manipulated by someone you love. Because we want to please those we care about, we may mistakenly allow ourselves to be manipulated (which isn’t love). Someone once referred to a relationship with a manipulator as being in an emotional black hole. Maybe […]